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Today I found out, there's something worse than companies not replying to job applications. I got a direct message from a company in German asking me when they could call me. I replied that anytime would be fine, but I may ask to repeat things in English as I'm still learning German. Today I got a reply that they are looking for fluent speakers... Thanks for confirming you didn't even bother looking at my resume for even a single fucking second...

When the existing tools to browse ingame prices of items just suck and you end up just writing a Grafana plugin to be able to display it in your existing dashboards..
The Grafana go sdk is surprisingly easy to work with

So.. My little minecraft community asked me to enable a plugin to sit.. Quickly I was linked to a plugin to enable this. I decompiled it to see if it was bloated or not, it surprisingly enough wasn't. Enabled it.. Next day it turns out nobody had permission to use it. After countless of google searches and half of them saying "Please install bloated plugin x to configure permissions" (I need 1 permission.). I found it faster to decompile it, rip the permissions out.. And just run that instead 🙄

Of course the majority now complaining that they have to remain reachable for friends and family... By having kept it around for all this time they really only kept up the impression that everybody has WhatsApp to begin with 🙄. Arguably it would have been easier to have gotten rid of it years ago when Facebook acquired them to begin with...

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Lol at all these people planning on uninstalling WhatsApp because of "Facebook"... If that's really your reason you should have uninstalled it when Facebook bought WhatsApp, you could have seen the upcoming changes coming back then already...

Apparently has support for plugins nowadays, neat. Too bad it requires you to sign up with their Traefik Pilot SaaS thing that basically gives them access to metrics on your server etc... *angry oldman noises*

The more spotify wrapup posts I see the more and more I get disgusted by their design. Almost as if they gave a 5 year old some buckets of paint...

Got to love it when it turns out the web api you're trying to use represents booleans in json as strings rather than actual booleans 🙄 . If something is a boolean, make it a god damn boolean.. Not a string saying true or false.

As my firefox profile somehow half corrupted today and I can't be bothered to fix it, I decided to start fresh. Lost a ton of tabs and what not in the process though, time to reconsider syncing of tabs and what not, anyone happens to know a selfhostable alternative to the selfhostable mozilla sync server?

Scammers are onto me today it seems. Missed call from India on one SIM card. And a "Your package is arriving today" text message on my other one, with of course the browser yelling "Deceptive site ahead" on the link right away, lmao.

A few years from now I'll probably still mix up the German words "See" and "Meer". Mostly because in Dutch they mean the exact opposite.. As in "meer" is a lake, and "zee" (pronounced basically the same as "See") is the ocean.. Whereas it's opposite with German 🙄

So, yesterday I realized that Rocket League now free for Nintendo Switch. Decided to download it and finally give it an actual try. As I booted up I was greeted with a "Please sign in with your Epic Account". While just reading this out my girlfriend accurately predicted that I was gonna close and uninstall the game right away.

I recently wanted to enable respawn anchors in the overworld of my minecraft SMP server. I made a write-up about why and how I ended up accomplishing this

This was their entire response btw... On the one hand I'm surprised to get a reply at all... Even more surprised to get an answer within 24 hours..

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So I actually emailed them with feedback. They were nice enough to answer with a picture, which highlights on it's own what a terrible UX their website has...

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yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

Recently was already complaining about websites having super shitty multi language implementation.. Oh boy did I find another one.. redirects me to (I'm in Switzerland mind you) and there seems like no option at all to switch to any other language. With of course the nice side effect that despite them offering all episodes to watch for free, they're all in German. Guess I'm pirating the special anyway...

Guess I'm building this in a container or something.. Apparently wants me to install npm, nope, nope, nope

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