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Want to see not only #melons, #bowlingballs, a water-filled #yoga ball, but also a #car and a #boat versus a kevlar reinforced #trampoline?

#MarkRober, known amongst other things for his giant #SuperSoaker and #PackageThief #GlitterBomb, and the people from the #HowRidiculous #YouTube channel got you covered:

Remember this meme? Turns out the person behind that meme is an archivist at a Library and he wasn't fully happy with his image being used with what was essentially racial slurs. Also, because digitizing history is his job, he's also bummed that meme generators won't accept a higher res of his image lol

When you run 'docker image prune' and suddenly have space for an entire collection of 4k UHD rips:


Funny enough this is very clear about what my dumb Russian in Netherlands living friend once thought/joked about. She was joking how she could do GDPR requests because she lives in Netherlands while my Swiss girlfriend couldn't because she doesn't live in EU. She didn't get when I laughed directly into her face. Something about stricter privacy laws in Switzerland forever...

TIL, Clearview optout (only available when in a GDPR area or California...) requires you to upload a picture... Something tells me you end up in a dataset labeled as "Doesn't want to be found with this tech".... This is just bad

If you're interested in the Go programming language you should check out this awesome site:

source code (sh) 

POST="friendly reminder that a bot for pretty much any federated service with a REST API can be a shell script that fits in less than one post"
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"status\":\"$POST\"}" $URL/api/v1/statuses

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Do note that in no way or form I think it's ok that personal data is being 'stolen' and sold to third parties without said people knowing. I just thought it was a surprisingly accurate comparison

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Had an interesting thought last night. Several years ago you constantly heard big companies claiming piracy was theft, while the pirates kept claiming it wasn't because they were creating copies. Yet now that a lot of these big companies are stealing our personal data, are they really stealing it? I mean, they're creating copies πŸ€”

Lamps in video games are using real electricity πŸ™€

Odd request, but does somebody perhaps have a suggestion for a Dutch -> German course? Been doing English -> German for about a year through Duolingo but especially with word order converting from English to Dutch to then German in my head quickly get's confusing.
Babbel is not an option as they don't offer course from Dutch sadly πŸ˜…

Always fun when your prometheus data folder is over 80GB and is starting to cause issues. After you investigate it turns out that the majority of it are folders ending in `.tmp`. To no surprise I could delete them safely, now only have 512MB-ish left and there doesn't seem to be any relevant data lost.. so when this lady started talking I had a more "This really sounds like Dutch" feeling than usual with Swiss German. To no surprise she turns out to be Dutch πŸ˜‚ probably a good example to what I've been saying for quite a while, Swiss German sounds a lot like Dutch

I swear, everytime I think I hear people talking Dutch.. I go a bit closer and try to actually listen what they're saying. Oh never mind, it's Swiss German πŸ˜‚

Me writing German "I forgot this one word, let's look it up online." "Of course it's written the same as in Dutch πŸ™„ "

Funny enough said script only had support for a single bank as their customers were all on this one bank. Although it was easy to customize and extend of course.

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