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Yesterday when I was waiting in line to get my first covid19 vaccin. I once again noticed a huge difference in Swiss mentality when it comes to foreigners compared to the Netherlands. As expected they started to explain things to me in German and upon seeing my Dutch passport asked in German if I understood them or not. While in NL I've heard several stories of cashiers etc, just talking English because they can hear the other person isn't Dutch, even when they tried to speak in Dutch.

@FiXato In all fairness, back then and now still I always ran Firefox with super aggressive tab unloading. So sure there's a few hundred tabs in my UI, but almost none are actually active in the background.

@FiXato Which their browser undoubtedly is purely because it's still the same rendering engine as chromium.

@FiXato Yeah, same. Which is yet another reason I just won't try their browser anyway, I don't care for crypto garbage in my browser.

This would imo be a whole lot less weird if it was in response to a recent tweet about the topic.. Not a more than 10 year old tweet, that's just... odd

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First time checking Twitter in months.. Apparently a director of Brave found it needed to reply to a over 10 year old tweet complaining about browser memory usage? Just why. It seems quite unprofessional to me. More reasons for me to not even try their browser tbh.

@doenietzomoeilijk Ah yes. Personalized ads. Aka just give them in whatever the language is of the country you're in right now..

I heard some people being super concerned about Twitch and personalized ads like a week ago lol.. Since that same week, if I switch between streams I quite literally see the same commercial hopping between the French and the German version... I think their personalized ads thing is kinda crap.. While being logged in with an account set to English btw, like you know.. they could poll my language preference from that..

@tpheine I am sadly well aware. One of the fields where AI etc has only made things worse, way worse.

Today I found out, there's something worse than companies not replying to job applications. I got a direct message from a company in German asking me when they could call me. I replied that anytime would be fine, but I may ask to repeat things in English as I'm still learning German. Today I got a reply that they are looking for fluent speakers... Thanks for confirming you didn't even bother looking at my resume for even a single fucking second...

@cypnk This actually reminds me of one particular task I once got at college.
We were tasked with running a Window Server in a VM with IIS. And a Windows XP desktop next to it. To then run wireshark on the desktop VM and capture the TCP handshake, which we had to document.. Upon reading that final requirement I popped open 2 terminals. One to run netcat listen, and one to run netcat connect and be done within minutes.
Assignment got rejected because I didn't follow instructions 😠

@cj This basically illustrates my experience with frontend as well yeah.. Plain examples that just don't work. People yelling at you to just use even more bloated framework x etc, etc. Not very pleasant imo.

@FiXato The API implies they occur at UTC midnight yes. Sadly in practice they happen at a random time throughout the day and a new entry is just added with a timestamp of UTC midnight. It's kinda dumb

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