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@FiXato Yes! The more and more of these posts I see, the more I am reminded why I don't use Spotify tbh..

The more spotify wrapup posts I see the more and more I get disgusted by their design. Almost as if they gave a 5 year old some buckets of paint...

@FiXato @Gina I was gonna say me for the same reason, but I would exempt myself for the exact reason you mention πŸ˜‚

@FiXato mIRC is really one of those pieces of software that A amaze me that it's still being used.. And B would probably benefit from just getting the source published or maybe even properly open sourced at this point.

@Gina If it wasn't for covid I would get on the next flight to come try them πŸ˜‚

@FiXato You need to throw some comments in there to make your json even more invalid

Got to love it when it turns out the web api you're trying to use represents booleans in json as strings rather than actual booleans πŸ™„ . If something is a boolean, make it a god damn boolean.. Not a string saying true or false.

git changing master to main by default 

@sir It's probably just a matter of time before someone gets offended by the word "main" and they have to consider changing it again πŸ™„

@FiXato I was thinking the same tbh, most of the existing desktop clients are still basically just web browsers sadly

As my firefox profile somehow half corrupted today and I can't be bothered to fix it, I decided to start fresh. Lost a ton of tabs and what not in the process though, time to reconsider syncing of tabs and what not, anyone happens to know a selfhostable alternative to the selfhostable mozilla sync server?

Scammers are onto me today it seems. Missed call from India on one SIM card. And a "Your package is arriving today" text message on my other one, with of course the browser yelling "Deceptive site ahead" on the link right away, lmao.

How old am I answer 

@sir I actually always assumed you were in your 30s, but it seems like I am a couple of months older. January 4th, 1993 xD

@Jayrive It's not even just hardware. In my experience back then it was mostly network related. Like 1 dns lookup failing would just make an entire ui useless and it would require restarts to retry and that kinda shit.

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