Got a letter from the water company saying we will be without water for a bit on Wednesday.. It contained an English translation "We encourage you to generate some store of water".. Right 😂

@FiXato warm probably being colder than the temperatures we have in the middle of the night here (which was like 20C last night)

@FiXato It was over within 10 minutes or so anyway, but yeah thankfully didn't need to walk in it. I assume you're just laughing at all this complaining about heat from everybody? 😂

After it being 34C most of today, we just got cooled down with a thunderstorm and some hail...

I turn up to work clearly intoxicated. My boss asks "why are you wasted at 9am?"

I reply "Dave, I'm a Linux user. You know I can't deal with the Office without Wine."

I get fired. I do not care. I just made the best joke in history.

Bullshit moment of the day. I realized I didn't check in for our flights to Amsterdam next week for Defqon. Upon signing in on the website of easyJet I conclude that our flight to Amsterdam got cancelled and we had to pick a new flight. Why is it a bullshit moment? Well, the fact that I didn't get a single email about this and kind of just found out by accident...
Either way, flight rebooked lol.

As I'm going to NL for a festival (Defqon) in less than 2 weeks, I'm looking for a good weather source for NL.. Ideally comparable to I remember most weather apps/website in NL to be garbage and ad driven, hence the question. Anyone got any suggestions? :)

When you go to pick something up in an electronics store and you notice that their machines are running KDE Plasma rather than Windows.

Post whatever is in your clipboard and perhaps explain. (Obviously mind not to post passwords or other credentials / doxxable details) 

@FiXato Now I feel like Fleischkäse tbh. Guess that goes on the shopping list for next week.

@FiXato as I basically have seas of time still I streamed for a bit as well, even though it's literally been months at this point. You'll surely see me drop by at some point.

@FiXato didn't know you sometimes stream. Followed and will try to catch a stream sometime soon

After I ran into this post on hackernews yesterday I got inspired to take a second look at my homelab. And I ended up creating a similarly small socat image because of it

@FiXato Not even sure if that's possible actually, should probably look into that 🤔

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