When you go to pick something up in an electronics store and you notice that their machines are running KDE Plasma rather than Windows.

Post whatever is in your clipboard and perhaps explain. (Obviously mind not to post passwords or other credentials / doxxable details) 

@FiXato Now I feel like FleischkΓ€se tbh. Guess that goes on the shopping list for next week.

@FiXato as I basically have seas of time still I streamed for a bit as well, even though it's literally been months at this point. You'll surely see me drop by at some point.

@FiXato didn't know you sometimes stream. Followed and will try to catch a stream sometime soon

After I ran into this post on hackernews yesterday lipanski.com/posts/smallest-do I got inspired to take a second look at my homelab. And I ended up creating a similarly small socat image because of it blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/sma

@FiXato Not even sure if that's possible actually, should probably look into that πŸ€”

@FiXato We expected it to be a whole lot less bad by now. And doesn't look like we can cancel easily as they do still allow travel in. And no vacation days as I'm still unemployed sadly. We're probably going anyway, just needs a lot of re-planning and can meet a lot less people than I wanted :(

So a few weeks ago I finally booked a flight to the Netherlands to visit family and friends who I haven't seen in more than 2 years.. And of course yesterday Netherlands announced a 3 week lockdown (which overlaps with my trip) 😩

@FiXato Yeah... In all fairness, at least these recommendations follow my language preference of English.. Their ads still randomly rotate between French and German just because of location. It's almost a game to me by now "guess the language of the ad"

@halcy @FiXato Yep, especially for the opening ceremony where they will probably just want as many viewers as possible. It's 2021, who still even has a regular tv ffs

@halcy @FiXato Uhhh ok, that seems very.. Un-Estonian for some reason (I have a couple of friends there). Would have expected a livestream for sure, weird

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