@FiXato Instagram was the last thing of that list I still had until last year honestly, and even that I wasn't exactly using. My parents and siblings are on Telegram since a while anyway (mostly because I am just refusing to go to WhatsApp)

Of course the majority now complaining that they have to remain reachable for friends and family... By having kept it around for all this time they really only kept up the impression that everybody has WhatsApp to begin with πŸ™„. Arguably it would have been easier to have gotten rid of it years ago when Facebook acquired them to begin with...

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Lol at all these people planning on uninstalling WhatsApp because of "Facebook"... If that's really your reason you should have uninstalled it when Facebook bought WhatsApp, you could have seen the upcoming changes coming back then already...

Apparently traefik.io/traefik/ has support for plugins nowadays, neat. Too bad it requires you to sign up with their Traefik Pilot SaaS thing that basically gives them access to metrics on your server etc... *angry oldman noises*

@Gina I think I'm like halfway hate watching it since over half a year or something

@FiXato Was only really an option for us because it's practically on the 2.5 hour car drive to my girlfriend her mom anyway, otherwise this store is a bit out of the way. Nice though, have some krokketen en bitterballen in the freezer as well now because of it. Also, happy new year :)

@FiXato I didn't end up following your recipe though. We ended up using koopmans oliebollen mix which we bought in a Dutch store in Switzerland not too long ago πŸ˜…

@FiXato Oh awesome, in English even. When we recently visited a store selling dutch food my girlfriend found out about the existance of oliebollen.. So we ended up getting a box with the mix etc for it, she was just gonna wing it.. But now I can just link her this instead xD

@FiXato I more meant like this youtube.com/watch?v=kDKc2m-orT :D and as it turns out he currently does not have the world record anymore speedrun.com/smoce#Minimum_Cap crazy to see that below 1 hour and 30 minutes though.

@FiXato I believe he is the current world record holder, I regularly watch his streams when he does this kind of shit. Doesn't seem like all footage is him playing tho. But he's one of those speedrunners that doesn't care about any% and only does weird shit like this. Plays modded versions with extra difficulty, etc, etc

@FiXato For Super Mario Odyssey one of my favorite speedrunning categories is Minimum Captures. Where they complete the game with as little captures as possible, with all kinds of weird glitches as a result. More enjoyable than the normal any% imo

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