@FiXato Not even sure if that's possible actually, should probably look into that πŸ€”

@FiXato We expected it to be a whole lot less bad by now. And doesn't look like we can cancel easily as they do still allow travel in. And no vacation days as I'm still unemployed sadly. We're probably going anyway, just needs a lot of re-planning and can meet a lot less people than I wanted :(

So a few weeks ago I finally booked a flight to the Netherlands to visit family and friends who I haven't seen in more than 2 years.. And of course yesterday Netherlands announced a 3 week lockdown (which overlaps with my trip) 😩

@FiXato Yeah... In all fairness, at least these recommendations follow my language preference of English.. Their ads still randomly rotate between French and German just because of location. It's almost a game to me by now "guess the language of the ad"

@halcy @FiXato Yep, especially for the opening ceremony where they will probably just want as many viewers as possible. It's 2021, who still even has a regular tv ffs

@halcy @FiXato Uhhh ok, that seems very.. Un-Estonian for some reason (I have a couple of friends there). Would have expected a livestream for sure, weird

@FiXato @halcy It's even more ironic that they were just like "imagine if there's no countries" "let's live as one" bla bla bla.. While in the meantime I have no choice but to watch it with commentary in a language I do not entirely master due to stupid geoblocks....

@FiXato It's not like I was planning on actually watching any of the sports either.. Just wanted to watch the opening ceremony.. Ended up watching it with Swiss German commentary now πŸ™„

It's such bullshit that it's 2021 and the Olympics opening ceremony is still only broadcasted on national tv channels and their own streaming platforms. Why no general youtube or twitch stream... Can't even watch it from Dutch national tv website either of course because dumbass geoblock (no I am not getting a vpn).

TIL. Some job websites reject pdf's for having 'active elements'. After some searching, it was suggested to print to pdf instead. This however increased the size of the pdf by about 200 times. After some more searching I ran into the following snippet
`gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOUTPUTFILE=clean.pdf -dBATCH dirty.pdf`
Which seems to nicely 'clean' up the pdf, without increasing the filesize by 200 times..

Perhaps someone on the fediverse can help me. I am currently looking for work in either Switzerland, or fully remote (within EU timezones preferably). I am primarily a backend developer working with Golang, C++, Java. Have some experience with python, php and rust, willing to learn more. Also small time sysadmin/devops (mostly as hobby for now). DM me for resume etc, boosting greatly appreciated :)

(I speak Dutch and English, still learning German, but learning quickly)

@FiXato That makes sense yeah. What probably also plays a part here is simply people being used to not everybody necessarily speaking German. As there's 4 official languages after all.

@FiXato I actually fully expected an answer from you on this topic. Interesting to hear that it's similar in Norway (compared to CH). But I would also guess this would be hugely different if you were closer to Oslo for example. As some friends on Telegram already pointed out, this is also hugely different in NL outside of the Randstad.

@SuperDicq I am well aware yeah. For just native speakers that doesn't really matter I would say. For someone would tries to learn, it isn't always as helpful imo

I do kind of wonder how this is in other people their experience and in other (European) countries. I personally found it very helpful and especially kind when I was quite literally asked if I understood what she was saying.

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