Today I learned. Google sheets has a builtin function to fetch exchange rates. Like GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:CHFEUR")

@FiXato @cwebber After showing this to my girlfriend she told me to not cook the rest of the week, thanks.

Few weeks ago I open-sourced a coredns plugin to have it automatically fetch block lists and block the domains (ala pihole). I just released a plugin to make it easier to resolve over tor, although it's still a work in progress.

I just open-sourced a CoreDNS plugin that makes it easy to use blocklists of domains, providing similar functionality as pihole. Just with CoreDNS instead xD

@FiXato I actually don't eat that much bread anymore since πŸ˜…
And about 2 months ago now, for love πŸ˜‡

@FiXato I prefer it sliced, which is surprisingly annoying to get after I moved to Switzerland.. They seem to prefer to slice it themselves here..

With this whole RMS situtation I think it's safe to say that Hurd will never actually release. Oh wait, that probably wasn't going to happen anyway.

Because of this dumb default for dns-over-https for firefox I just added the following to my config..
template ANY ANY {

@FiXato First thing I would try if it was me. But I'm not quite ready yet to tell her about custom keyboards and all.. (and I don't actually play pogo myself so I don't really care)

@FiXato Biggest problem for her is that she somehow cannot copy paste into the field or some stupid shit like that

@FiXato I often hear my girlfriend complain that she cannot memorize all those numbers when somebody posts a screenshot of their friend code xD

@FiXato It was mainly due to me getting fed up with Tweetdeck back then having to install Adobe Air all the time. So it basically did everything that used to do. It was more about the learning experience for me.

Just did something I should probably have done years ago. Open source that toy project I used to call Twoons.
It sadly won't work anymore due to the many changes in the Twitter API and I simply lost interest in it anyway. Still good for archiving purposes.

Didn't think I'd still be able to post this on G+, but last onyx finally achieved.

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