@doenietzomoeilijk Ah yes. Personalized ads. Aka just give them in whatever the language is of the country you're in right now..

I heard some people being super concerned about Twitch and personalized ads like a week ago lol.. Since that same week, if I switch between streams I quite literally see the same commercial hopping between the French and the German version... I think their personalized ads thing is kinda crap.. While being logged in with an account set to English btw, like you know.. they could poll my language preference from that..

@tpheine I am sadly well aware. One of the fields where AI etc has only made things worse, way worse.

Today I found out, there's something worse than companies not replying to job applications. I got a direct message from a company in German asking me when they could call me. I replied that anytime would be fine, but I may ask to repeat things in English as I'm still learning German. Today I got a reply that they are looking for fluent speakers... Thanks for confirming you didn't even bother looking at my resume for even a single fucking second...

@cypnk This actually reminds me of one particular task I once got at college.
We were tasked with running a Window Server in a VM with IIS. And a Windows XP desktop next to it. To then run wireshark on the desktop VM and capture the TCP handshake, which we had to document.. Upon reading that final requirement I popped open 2 terminals. One to run netcat listen, and one to run netcat connect and be done within minutes.
Assignment got rejected because I didn't follow instructions 😠

@cj This basically illustrates my experience with frontend as well yeah.. Plain examples that just don't work. People yelling at you to just use even more bloated framework x etc, etc. Not very pleasant imo.

@FiXato The API implies they occur at UTC midnight yes. Sadly in practice they happen at a random time throughout the day and a new entry is just added with a timestamp of UTC midnight. It's kinda dumb

When the existing tools to browse ingame prices of items just suck and you end up just writing a Grafana plugin to be able to display it in your existing dashboards.. blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/rsg
The Grafana go sdk is surprisingly easy to work with

@FiXato @Gina No.. Just no, that's worse (my dad actually used to do that and had no way to roll back his code except for ctrl + z)

@Gina sounds about as messy as working in a shared dropbox folder like we used to do in college...

@jess Isn't the rule that content needs to be in catalan for .cat domains lovely? xD

re: domestic pests, minecraft 

@FiXato I have no clue tbh, I have never played minetest only played minecraft

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