@sir Apparently in German they also tend to just say good rather than tasty πŸ€” And it was just pointed out to me that apparently Dutch Duolingo is teasing good as well for this sentence

@sir I'd say "lekker" in this context, assuming you wanted to say it's tasty rather than it being good.

@sir we just grow up with it really, doesn't hurt my throat like others tend to complain about. And funny you mention water fountains, as those are a lot more common here in Switzerland than in Netherlands πŸ˜‚
Also the 'sch' sounds tends to be worse for people to learn to pronounce, with "Scheveningen" being the real challenge.

@sir On desktop at least it has a tips/hints button for me which explains some of the rules. I never found it really helpful or easy to find though

@sir I know it's time consuming, currently in the process of learning German myself. And a lot of expats in the Netherlands don't take it seriously at all, which is probably the cause and reason why Dutch people in general are so much more likely to switch to English.

@sir I guess it's also partly different whether it's spoken or written. With spoken very broken Dutch I'm more likely to just switch to English. But it also depends on how interested the other person is in learning it. As you seem quite motivated and interested in learning it I'm not too surprised there's a lot of people helping out

@sir Understandable. It would be "ik kan het lezen" btw. Slightly different form of kunnen.

A few years from now I'll probably still mix up the German words "See" and "Meer". Mostly because in Dutch they mean the exact opposite.. As in "meer" is a lake, and "zee" (pronounced basically the same as "See") is the ocean.. Whereas it's opposite with German πŸ™„

So, yesterday I realized that Rocket League now free for Nintendo Switch. Decided to download it and finally give it an actual try. As I booted up I was greeted with a "Please sign in with your Epic Account". While just reading this out my girlfriend accurately predicted that I was gonna close and uninstall the game right away.

I recently wanted to enable respawn anchors in the overworld of my minecraft SMP server. I made a write-up about why and how I ended up accomplishing this blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/min


@sir dat is eigenlijk nog vreemder dan als jij je roflkopter zou swaffelen πŸ€”

@FiXato I don't believe in the whole VPN bullshit half of youtube keeps throwing at me. Only VPN I have is within my own servers πŸ˜‚ which are located in Germany

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