@cj Happy National Holiday to you too. It's amusing to me to see that people are launching more fireworks themselves than with new years

Someone just found my old apartment in Haarlem the Netherlands up for rent again.. It's just 150% of the price I paid.. Therefore more rent than we pay in Basel Switzerland.. And we even have more space... Tell me again how the renting market in the Netherlands isn't completely saturated and fucked up..

@schrofi The study book I'm using actually had examples for all of those suffixes, they're all in the test cases. I should probably have better indicated that

Feedback from native speakers is appreciated, although keep in mind that I don't intend on it being 100% accurate so I don't intend of adding a trillion exceptions

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In order for me to better pick up on the literal pages of rules while trying to German. I ended up attempting a slightly different approach. I ended up just turning it into some code. gitlab.com/schoentoon/german in case someone is interested.

@sir Of course they're not. That's for old boring people. The new hip kids just write a shitty node.js implementation that just everybody should run to 'save the internet'...

@FiXato @Twelve @Gina That list is long... Quite long, already found some titles in it that I was not aware of (and have nostalgia for the original games, like RCT xD) thanks for sharing!

@RyuKurisu @Gina I actually laughed irl at it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I assume she's trying OpenRCT2 right now

@Gina Yeah, it's quite buggy. But you can build with multiple people in the same world. I've yet to properly try it out tbh. Should probably poke my old school friends for online gaming again sometime

@Gina πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ it has been around for years. It has some differences compared to the original games, but it's mostly the same. Hell, you actually need the original game as it uses the assets. It even has multiplayer xD

@edgren @Gina I really have no clue. Windows 7 is the last version I used myself, the blue-ish color looks very similar at least

@fribbledom For me at least, partly because lol is a word in my native language (dutch) which already just means fun.

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