After it being 34C most of today, we just got cooled down with a thunderstorm and some hail...

First time checking Twitter in months.. Apparently a director of Brave found it needed to reply to a over 10 year old tweet complaining about browser memory usage? Just why. It seems quite unprofessional to me. More reasons for me to not even try their browser tbh.

So I actually emailed them with feedback. They were nice enough to answer with a picture, which highlights on it's own what a terrible UX their website has...

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Vacation in your own country is for sure a different experience in Switzerland compared to the Netherlands 😂

That moment your selfhosted gitlab is like...

I didn't even realize I had a limit set

My girlfriend insisted on getting me something useful for my birthday, yet her 'useless' gifts are awesome 😍

Didn't think I'd still be able to post this on G+, but last onyx finally achieved.

At last, Onyx Pioneer.
To finish this one in style I decided to go to IJmuiden Zuidpier for the final capture. A well known coastal portal 'only' 1 hour of cycling away from my home, yet I had never been there, reason enough to visit.


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