I opened a stream and it's like a still shot of the stadium with no one talking and distant police sirens

incredible content

is there like an actual fucking stream or just kinda... not?

@FiXato @halcy It's even more ironic that they were just like "imagine if there's no countries" "let's live as one" bla bla bla.. While in the meantime I have no choice but to watch it with commentary in a language I do not entirely master due to stupid geoblocks....

@schoentoon @FiXato the broadcaster who has the rights here seems to have opted to just not show the ceremony, which is very funny

@schoentoon @FiXato Estonia (not a native)

The broadcaster with the rights according to wikipedia (because why would the IOC have a page for this, that would be too easy) is ERR, and they have: A bunch of movies on their channels

@halcy @FiXato Uhhh ok, that seems very.. Un-Estonian for some reason (I have a couple of friends there). Would have expected a livestream for sure, weird

@schoentoon @FiXato maybe there is one and I just cannot find it 🤷

anyways, jesus christ, imagine not having a global streaming platform in 2021, or at least rebroadcasting to one of the ones that exist


@halcy @FiXato Yep, especially for the opening ceremony where they will probably just want as many viewers as possible. It's 2021, who still even has a regular tv ffs

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