Yesterday when I was waiting in line to get my first covid19 vaccin. I once again noticed a huge difference in Swiss mentality when it comes to foreigners compared to the Netherlands. As expected they started to explain things to me in German and upon seeing my Dutch passport asked in German if I understood them or not. While in NL I've heard several stories of cashiers etc, just talking English because they can hear the other person isn't Dutch, even when they tried to speak in Dutch.


I do kind of wonder how this is in other people their experience and in other (European) countries. I personally found it very helpful and especially kind when I was quite literally asked if I understood what she was saying.

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@schoentoon In a lot of places here in the Netherlands English is already the default language. I’m Dutch and I sometimes go into stores and talk English with the cashiers because they started in English while they probably speak Dutch as well.

@SuperDicq I am well aware yeah. For just native speakers that doesn't really matter I would say. For someone would tries to learn, it isn't always as helpful imo

@schoentoon yeah, that's a common complaint I've heard from expats in the Netherlands...

Here in this part of Norway most just speak Norwegian and aren't likely to switch to English by themselves.
When they do, most don't seem too confident even when their spoken English is good. @SuperDicq

@FiXato I actually fully expected an answer from you on this topic. Interesting to hear that it's similar in Norway (compared to CH). But I would also guess this would be hugely different if you were closer to Oslo for example. As some friends on Telegram already pointed out, this is also hugely different in NL outside of the Randstad.

@schoentoon yeah, that's indeed quite likely. Bodø isn't that small perhaps, and does have quite some tourism with the #Lofoten cruises and such, but it does have a different culture than Oslo. :)

@FiXato That makes sense yeah. What probably also plays a part here is simply people being used to not everybody necessarily speaking German. As there's 4 official languages after all.

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