First time checking Twitter in months.. Apparently a director of Brave found it needed to reply to a over 10 year old tweet complaining about browser memory usage? Just why. It seems quite unprofessional to me. More reasons for me to not even try their browser tbh.

This would imo be a whole lot less weird if it was in response to a recent tweet about the topic.. Not a more than 10 year old tweet, that's just... odd

@schoentoon the feed of that crypto moron is a reminder of why I am glad to be on the Fediverse rather than Twitter...

@FiXato Yeah, same. Which is yet another reason I just won't try their browser anyway, I don't care for crypto garbage in my browser.

@schoentoon they're enough of resource hogs without that crap...

@FiXato Which their browser undoubtedly is purely because it's still the same rendering engine as chromium.

@schoentoon man... the time 33 tabs only took up 2GiB of RAM xD
Let alone the 200MB you said Firefox used.

@FiXato In all fairness, back then and now still I always ran Firefox with super aggressive tab unloading. So sure there's a few hundred tabs in my UI, but almost none are actually active in the background.

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