Has anyone successfully implemented Git over Tor?

I know hosting a repo server is a vastly different beast, but it may help to start somewhere

As far as I know, Gogs and Gitea are fully FOSS, server-side too (no proprietary "enterprise" versions), can be isolated pretty well, and don't look like they're stuck in 1995

But I don't know the internals well enough to see if an entire Hidden Service alternative to GitHub or GitLab can be done in these or something similar

Gitea is a fork of Gogs

@cypnk Apparently git has support for socks5 proxies since 2015, so it wouldn't be that difficult to do I think.

@schoentoon Ah, good point. I'm sure there are a bunch of edge cases to consider, but it may be a fun project to try


@cypnk Oh yeah probably. I have previously toyed around with usenet over tor, which was surprisingly easy to do, but had some tiny edge cases for sure (mostly in the clients)

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