Lol at all these people planning on uninstalling WhatsApp because of "Facebook"... If that's really your reason you should have uninstalled it when Facebook bought WhatsApp, you could have seen the upcoming changes coming back then already...

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Of course the majority now complaining that they have to remain reachable for friends and family... By having kept it around for all this time they really only kept up the impression that everybody has WhatsApp to begin with πŸ™„. Arguably it would have been easier to have gotten rid of it years ago when Facebook acquired them to begin with...

@schoentoon never used WhatsApp myself before ;)
Of course I do still have a mostly-hibernating Facebook and Instagram account... for that rare situation I need to reach out to someone whose only way of contacting is that piece of crap, or to complain to webcare teams to get the customer service response I would've deserved otherwise without making myself feel dirty...

@FiXato Instagram was the last thing of that list I still had until last year honestly, and even that I wasn't exactly using. My parents and siblings are on Telegram since a while anyway (mostly because I am just refusing to go to WhatsApp)

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