NYE baking, alcohol mention 

Well, the #apples for this year's #Dutch #tradition of #NYE #appelBeignets (sort of #appleFritters?) are marinating overnights in a mixture of vanilla sugar, granulated sugar, #cinnamon, 60% #Stroh #rum and plain white #Bacardi rum. Hopefully I'll remember to take pics for #RecipEasy tomorrow. :)

I used up the last of my #StrohRum though (hence the addition of inferior Bacardi) :(, so I'll want to get a replacement bottle at some point next year.

@schoentoon hehe, I think I got lucky with the yeast and the amount of baking powder :)

And the one or two I've had so far taste good :D

The appelflappen are even better :D and those also seem to have the approval of the little #BeardGrabber :D

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