Batters for #oliebollen and #appelBeignets are resting. @Siiw is preparing dinner.

Time to relax a bit with the #Dutch #NPO #Radio2 #Top2000 and the unofficial #Top2000Chat at (or #top2000 on

Outside #fireworks are popping on the beat of #RageAgainstTheMachine's "Killing in the name"

#IRC #Chat4All #food #NYE #NewYearsEve #nye2020

Have you started on your deep-fried junkfood yet @schoentoon ? :)

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@FiXato I didn't end up following your recipe though. We ended up using koopmans oliebollen mix which we bought in a Dutch store in Switzerland not too long ago πŸ˜…

@schoentoon if I had access to that, I might've just as well ;)


@FiXato Was only really an option for us because it's practically on the 2.5 hour car drive to my girlfriend her mom anyway, otherwise this store is a bit out of the way. Nice though, have some krokketen en bitterballen in the freezer as well now because of it. Also, happy new year :)

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