#TodayILearned that there is another #Speedrun category I wasn't familiar with: #LowPercent, where the main objective isn't to complete the game as fast as possible, or as complete as possible, but with completing as little of it as possible, or collecting as little items.

In the case of #Zelda: #TwilightPrincess, this apparently involves 'staring at rupees', as the idle animation during certain item pickups can slowly move you backwards, clipping you through walls.


@FiXato For Super Mario Odyssey one of my favorite speedrunning categories is Minimum Captures. Where they complete the game with as little captures as possible, with all kinds of weird glitches as a result. More enjoyable than the normal any% imo

@schoentoon last night I came across this video by #LowestPercent who explained how a couple of the glitches in the #SuperMarioOdyssey #MinimumCaptures #speedruns work.

That's damn impressive indeed!

Goes to show again that people who say that "speedrunners don't get everything out of a game", have no clue whatsoever about what goes into researching and performing a #speedrun.

@schoentoon wasn't quite sure of he was the actual runner, or just the video editor. :)

Playing the game with hands and feet, just to get a glitch working... still impressive. :)

@FiXato I believe he is the current world record holder, I regularly watch his streams when he does this kind of shit. Doesn't seem like all footage is him playing tho. But he's one of those speedrunners that doesn't care about any% and only does weird shit like this. Plays modded versions with extra difficulty, etc, etc

@schoentoon speaking of modded versions: youtube.com/watch?v=Hhgw6Iojst

#Mario without a moustache looks... super weird...
Just like #Sonic in a business suit o_O

@FiXato I more meant like this youtube.com/watch?v=kDKc2m-orT :D and as it turns out he currently does not have the world record anymore speedrun.com/smoce#Minimum_Cap crazy to see that below 1 hour and 30 minutes though.

@schoentoon I'm not familiar with the regular game myself, but that indeed does look pretty insane. :)

(I bet someone has already done a low cap speedrun on that too...)

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