Recently was already complaining about websites having super shitty multi language implementation.. Oh boy did I find another one.. redirects me to (I'm in Switzerland mind you) and there seems like no option at all to switch to any other language. With of course the nice side effect that despite them offering all episodes to watch for free, they're all in German. Guess I'm pirating the special anyway...

@schoentoon i totally agree that their way of localization is super shitty and some of my international friends ran into the exact same problem.
but luckily you are actually able to stream the episodes in english as well:


@schrofi I Only now that you point it out I notice that there's indeed an option "Episoden auf Englisch" hidden in some menu, not exactly userfriendly at all. Oh well, already pirated the new episode anyway so I don't need their shitty website..

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