It's so hilarious and sad at the same time how badly modern websites support the Accept-Language header. Despite my browser reporting ONLY en_US. Google Maps will happily give me German (de_DE even, I just checked it's not even de_CH) very likely just based on my rough location.

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I have actually seen way worse. It wouldn't be the first time a site defaults to French, because hey you're located in Switzerland after all right...

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@schoentoon Reminds me of the issues I had with F-Droid. It would include a mix of English and Norwegian, even though I had my phone set to British English.
Turns out I had to include US English in the list as well because apparently my location's default language makes more sense than falling back to any variant of the same language group...

@FiXato That sounds insanely stupid, but also a nice reminder of why I tend to set things to en_US by default.

@schoentoon I now tend to have the following order of #languages when possible:

@FiXato With firefox fingerprint resistance it's just "en_US" and that's about it. And functionally barely any difference because barely any sites seem to properly support it anyway. The only one that does it properly I found since I realized this whole is which properly returns german when specifiying de_*, french for fr_*, italian for it_* and english for anything else (not sure if there's even a specifier for romansch tbh)

@schoentoon I guess if fingerprint resistance overrides it to en_US, then guessing it based on #GeoIP could actually make more sense, especially if that becomes more of a default, as normies will likely not know how to override that (if possible at all), and the majority will expect the site to appear in their local language...

@FiXato with it en_US it could also very well just be an american, but I get your point. Lemme do a quick test ๐Ÿ˜‚

@FiXato ok so quick test in chrome... en_US set results in German on Google Maps. en_US and nl_NL set results in English ๐Ÿ˜‚ so there does seem to be a case for that

@FiXato at least Google Maps is one of those sites that at least stores this information in your cookies... Seen too many that just don't

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