In order for me to better pick up on the literal pages of rules while trying to German. I ended up attempting a slightly different approach. I ended up just turning it into some code. in case someone is interested.

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Feedback from native speakers is appreciated, although keep in mind that I don't intend on it being 100% accurate so I don't intend of adding a trillion exceptions

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@schoentoon interesting, i never thought about it that way!
not sure how well it works, though, as for some of those suffixes i'm having a bad time to actually come up with words of the predicted gender πŸ˜…

@schrofi The study book I'm using actually had examples for all of those suffixes, they're all in the test cases. I should probably have better indicated that

@schoentoon ah thanks for the hint, now i get where some of these are coming from πŸ˜„

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