While all the idiots are outside hoarding toilet paper. I'm just hoarding more movies towards my hard drive in case internet capacity will become an issue (which I can totally see happening now that we're on lockdown). Suggestions for more movies are welcome :)

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I have been pretty entertained by The Edge Of Tomorrow.

@schoentoon I've apparently never set up Let's Encrypt on this server. Will have to look into how to get that set up with Hiawatha. :)
I just noticed it myself, lol. I usually use a different VPS for hosting my stuff.

@schoentoon a couple other suggestions:
The Matrix (worth a rewatch imhoπŸ˜…)
I Am Mother
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
IO Last On Earth
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (there's an anime and 2 live action films of it, iirc)
The Time Traveller's Wife

@schoentoon Children of Men, The Rover(2014), Parasite, Waking Life, True Grit (either version), The Wrestler, The Witch, The Lighthouse, The Red Violin [1998], The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (in no particular order)

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