I recently wanted to setup a new project and mirror it to gitlab.com and github, I however forgot some details. After fishing them up I decided to just make a brief blog post about it instead πŸ˜…

My girlfriend insisted on getting me something useful for my birthday, yet her 'useless' gifts are awesome 😍

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I'm not a network engineer, I'm a relationships counselor for computers who don't want to talk to each other anymore

Multiple stackoverflow issues etc existed about this, but none of them were complete and were just described pointers towards to solution. This might be more helpful to people new or looking into switching to gitlab.

Recently ran in an issue with Gitlab CI and it not being able to build one of my internal golang projects due to imports from private gitlab repositories. Here's how I ended up solving this blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/git

I rewrote the tordns plugin for coredns I made last month. Now rather than supporting dns behind a hidden service (which atm is only just cloudflare it seems), I use the resolver in tor itself. Therefore using tor exit nodes. github.com/schoentoon/tordns

Today I learned. Google sheets has a builtin function to fetch exchange rates. Like GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:CHFEUR")

Few weeks ago I open-sourced a coredns plugin to have it automatically fetch block lists and block the domains (ala pihole). I just released a plugin to make it easier to resolve over tor, although it's still a work in progress. github.com/schoentoon/tordns

With this whole RMS situtation I think it's safe to say that Hurd will never actually release. Oh wait, that probably wasn't going to happen anyway.

Because of this dumb default for dns-over-https for firefox I just added the following to my config..
template ANY ANY use-application-dns.net {

Just did something I should probably have done years ago. Open source that toy project I used to call Twoons. github.com/schoentoon/Twoons
It sadly won't work anymore due to the many changes in the Twitter API and I simply lost interest in it anyway. Still good for archiving purposes.

Didn't think I'd still be able to post this on G+, but last onyx finally achieved.

At last, Onyx Pioneer.
To finish this one in style I decided to go to IJmuiden Zuidpier for the final capture. A well known coastal portal 'only' 1 hour of cycling away from my home, yet I had never been there, reason enough to visit.

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