When you go to pick something up in an electronics store and you notice that their machines are running KDE Plasma rather than Windows.

After I ran into this post on hackernews yesterday lipanski.com/posts/smallest-do I got inspired to take a second look at my homelab. And I ended up creating a similarly small socat image because of it blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/sma

So a few weeks ago I finally booked a flight to the Netherlands to visit family and friends who I haven't seen in more than 2 years.. And of course yesterday Netherlands announced a 3 week lockdown (which overlaps with my trip) 😩

It's such bullshit that it's 2021 and the Olympics opening ceremony is still only broadcasted on national tv channels and their own streaming platforms. Why no general youtube or twitch stream... Can't even watch it from Dutch national tv website either of course because dumbass geoblock (no I am not getting a vpn).

TIL. Some job websites reject pdf's for having 'active elements'. After some searching, it was suggested to print to pdf instead. This however increased the size of the pdf by about 200 times. After some more searching I ran into the following snippet
`gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOUTPUTFILE=clean.pdf -dBATCH dirty.pdf`
Which seems to nicely 'clean' up the pdf, without increasing the filesize by 200 times..

Perhaps someone on the fediverse can help me. I am currently looking for work in either Switzerland, or fully remote (within EU timezones preferably). I am primarily a backend developer working with Golang, C++, Java. Have some experience with python, php and rust, willing to learn more. Also small time sysadmin/devops (mostly as hobby for now). DM me for resume etc, boosting greatly appreciated :)

(I speak Dutch and English, still learning German, but learning quickly)

I do kind of wonder how this is in other people their experience and in other (European) countries. I personally found it very helpful and especially kind when I was quite literally asked if I understood what she was saying.

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Yesterday when I was waiting in line to get my first covid19 vaccin. I once again noticed a huge difference in Swiss mentality when it comes to foreigners compared to the Netherlands. As expected they started to explain things to me in German and upon seeing my Dutch passport asked in German if I understood them or not. While in NL I've heard several stories of cashiers etc, just talking English because they can hear the other person isn't Dutch, even when they tried to speak in Dutch.

This would imo be a whole lot less weird if it was in response to a recent tweet about the topic.. Not a more than 10 year old tweet, that's just... odd

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First time checking Twitter in months.. Apparently a director of Brave found it needed to reply to a over 10 year old tweet complaining about browser memory usage? Just why. It seems quite unprofessional to me. More reasons for me to not even try their browser tbh.

I heard some people being super concerned about Twitch and personalized ads like a week ago lol.. Since that same week, if I switch between streams I quite literally see the same commercial hopping between the French and the German version... I think their personalized ads thing is kinda crap.. While being logged in with an account set to English btw, like you know.. they could poll my language preference from that..

Today I found out, there's something worse than companies not replying to job applications. I got a direct message from a company in German asking me when they could call me. I replied that anytime would be fine, but I may ask to repeat things in English as I'm still learning German. Today I got a reply that they are looking for fluent speakers... Thanks for confirming you didn't even bother looking at my resume for even a single fucking second...

When the existing tools to browse ingame prices of items just suck and you end up just writing a Grafana plugin to be able to display it in your existing dashboards.. blog.schoentoon.blue/posts/rsg
The Grafana go sdk is surprisingly easy to work with

So.. My little minecraft community asked me to enable a plugin to sit.. Quickly I was linked to a plugin to enable this. I decompiled it to see if it was bloated or not, it surprisingly enough wasn't. Enabled it.. Next day it turns out nobody had permission to use it. After countless of google searches and half of them saying "Please install bloated plugin x to configure permissions" (I need 1 permission.). I found it faster to decompile it, rip the permissions out.. And just run that instead πŸ™„

Of course the majority now complaining that they have to remain reachable for friends and family... By having kept it around for all this time they really only kept up the impression that everybody has WhatsApp to begin with πŸ™„. Arguably it would have been easier to have gotten rid of it years ago when Facebook acquired them to begin with...

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Lol at all these people planning on uninstalling WhatsApp because of "Facebook"... If that's really your reason you should have uninstalled it when Facebook bought WhatsApp, you could have seen the upcoming changes coming back then already...

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